"If we do not change the direction we are headed, we will end up where we are going." - Chinese Proverb

Coaching is an opportunity!

Coaching involves working with a trained professional Coach, generally one-on-one. Coaching acknowledges that you are the expert in your own life. Through this relationship, you are encouraged to define concerns and goals and explore solutions.

Coaching can help you clarify your dreams.

Through the use of powerful and direct questions, you will begin to explore who you are at your core and identify what you want from your life now and in the future.

Coaching will give you an opportunity to develop your strengths and talents and set and reach goals.

By experiencing your successes and shedding your fears, you will unveil your potential and power.

Coaching can help you establish attainable goals.

With clear, definable and attainable goals, you avoid the pitfalls and discouragement of failure. No more "New Year's Resolutions."

Personal and professional goals are equally valuable.

Whether your goal is to manage your team more efficiently, lose weight, exercise more, abstain from alcohol or drugs or simply to live more joyfully by creating a balanced life,coaching offers the support needed as you transform your life.

Coaching celebrates your successes!

What better way to continue progress, then to see where you have come from.

Coaching is a convenient, efficient and confidential means to address issues.

Coaching can be done effectively in the convenience of your home or office; conducted on the phone, generally, in 30-45 minute sessions, weekly. Times and sessions may vary and in-person sessions may be arranged, as well as group sessions or workshops.

Coaching produces results.

Coaching is a fast paced, goal centered modality that will hold you accountable for your own results. The focus is on your future, while reconciling obstacles from your past and capitalizing on the strengths developed from your experiences.

Coaching uses a technique of asking thought provoking and direct questions.

Through the use of questions, you begin to see beyond the obvious, reach for the possibility, set goals and stay motivated to reach your full potential.

In coaching, you will "train".

Through coaching, you broaden your perspective, clarify views and "train" to overcome obstacles.

Coaching keeps you accountable.

Most sessions end with "assignments" and begin the next week by checking in to review your progress.

Transformation will occur.

Through the assistance that coaching provides, your life will be transformed in ways not yet envisioned.